Something for the Kids

All £6

Price includes a meal and choice of drink, followed by a scoop of 'Our Cow Molly' ice cream

“A fresh British menu – adaptable to meet your taste”

We make all our dishes fresh on the premises - down to the jams, sauces and ketchup.  So please let us know of any special dietary requirements, for example gluten free or dairy free, or if you fancy something slightly different to that shown on the menu, and as long as we have the ingredients in the kitchen we would be happy to make any adaptations to cater for your needs


 Spoon’s Kids’ Breakfast (available gf)(available v)

Ham or cheese sandwich (available gf)

Two homemade fish fingers

Hot dog (local farm or homemade vegetarian sausage)

Spoon’s handmade burger 

Two breaded chicken fillets

All of the above (except the breakfast) are served with hand cut chips or mash and a choice of baked beans or peas

Jacket Potato (gf)

With choice of two toppings from:

Beans, cheese, homemade coleslaw, tuna mayonnaise

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Included Drinks

Squash – orange or blackcurrant

Fresh orange, apple, pineapple or cranberry juice



Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla

'Our Cow Molly' ice cream

If your child has a larger appetite, additional items may be purchased. Most of the items on the main breakfast & lunch menus can also be made available in a ‘child size’ portion

- please enquire with a member of staff