Something for Lunch

*Please also take a look at our Specials Board when you are in the restaurant*

“A fresh British menu – adaptable to meet your taste”

We make all of our dishes fresh on the premises - down to the jams, sauces and ketchup.  So please let us know of any special dietary requirements, for example gluten free (gf) or dairy free, or if you fancy something slightly different to that shown on the menu, and as long as we have the ingredients in the kitchen we would be happy to make any adaptations to cater for your taste

 Sandwiches & Wraps

All £7.50

Choose from locally baked white or granary bread, gluten free, ciabatta or soft tortilla wrap, served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw

 Spoon's pulled ham hock & mustard

Pesto chicken mayo

Spiced Cajun chicken, chorizo & mayonnaise

Melted brie, bacon & avocado or cranberry

Tuna & red onion melt

Melted brie & homemade aubergine pickle (v)

Balsamic roasted red pepper, mixed leaf

& goat’s cheese (v)

Mature cheddar & homemade chutney (v)

Fried Halloumi, avocado & salsa (v)

Homemade fish finger

served with Spoon's own ‘Tommy K’


‘Soup & A Sandwich’ (available gf)

Soup of the day, with your choice from one of the above selection of sandwiches



Soup of the Day (available gf)(v)

served with locally baked bread




Hand cut chips £2

Skinny fries £2

Cheesy chips £3

Chilli cheesy chips £5

  Bit More Than a Sandwich

All £12

Served with hand cut chips

Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich

Slow roast pork with bbq sauce, served on a locally baked ciabatta


Pulled Lamb & Goats Cheese Ciabatta

Slow roast lamb, served with caramelised goat's cheese and homemade beetroot jam


 Spoon's Club Sandwich

Spoon's ham hock, pesto chicken, mature cheddar, tomato, salad & mayo in between three slices of white, granary or gluten free toast


Spoon’s Veggie Club Sandwich (v)

Fried halloumi, avocado, roasted red pepper & sun-dried tomato hummus, leaf, salsa & mayo in between three slices of white, granary or gluten free toast


 Spoon's Homemade Burger 

*please ask for today's choice*


Spoon’s Salads

All £11

All served on bed of mixed leaf, tomato & red onion, with Spoon's homemade dressing

Avocado, crispy bacon & goats cheese (gf)

Halloumi, salsa, avocado & croutons (available gf)(v)

Deep fried brie with orange & cranberry dressing (available gf)(v)

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  Open Sandwiches

All £8

Served on your choice of toasted locally baked white, granary or gluten free bread 

Yorkshire Rarebit (not available gf)

A mixture of cheddar cheese & Sheffield ale finished with a generous glug of ‘Hendos’ and topped with chopped tomato

Spoon’s take on Welsh Rarebit using two of Sheffield’s finest ingredients


Croque Madame

Spoon's slow-cooked ham hock & melted cheddar cheese topped with a fried egg


Roasted Red Pepper, Caramelised Goats Cheese & Salsa (v)


 Jacket Potatoes

Served with butter, salad garnish & Spoon's homemade dressing (gf)


Baked beans & cheese (gf)(v) £5.50

Tuna, mayonnaise & red onion (gf) £6.50

Mushrooms, crème fraiche & thyme (gf)(v) £7

Homemade shin beef chilli & cheese (gf) £7.50